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Making Friends through Baseball; Taiwan-Japan Little League Tournament has Now Begun


The opening ceremony of "2018 Hsinchu City 27th Taiwan-Japan Little League Tournament" was held on Mar. 21. The baseball teams of five Hsinchu City elementary schools - Xi-Men, Dong Yuan, Min Fu, Hsiangshan, and Ke Yuan will attend the tournament and face the Osaka baseball team – Seiryu. Hsinchu City Deputy Mayor Shen Huihong went to the opening ceremony to encourage the players to learn from each other and hope them to improve their skills through the competition.


Taiwan-Japan Little League Tournament (TJLLT) had been held for 27 times since 1990. Xi-Men Elementary School was the 20th, 21th, and 22th champion of TJLLT. The 23th and 24th champion of TJLLC were taken by two Osaka baseball teams - Seiryu and Black Panther respectively. Four games – "Xi-Men against Dong Yuan," "Ke Yuan against Min Fu," "Dong Yuan against Hsiangshan," and "Ke Yuan against Xi-Men" were finished on Mar. 21. Seiryu team will play against these five baseball teams from Mar. 23.

Director of Hsinchu City Government Department of Education Li Fangling stated that there will be more baseball teams attended TJLLT this year compared to previous years. Baseball is a popular sport loved by Hsinchu City citizens. Hsinchu City baseball teams had outstanding achievement in recent years. The baseball team assembled by the players from Xi-Men, Dong Yuan, and Min Fu acquired the second place in 2017 Hualien Baseball Little League Tournament. Moreover, the baseball team of Cheng De Senior High School acquired the fourth place in High School Baseball Tournament this year.

Deputy Mayor Shen stated that Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien provided young baseball players comprehensive baseball courts and training system. Mayor Lin also provided funds, subsidies, and prizes for them. In order to offer the players a better training environment, Hsinchu City Government (HCCG) established Hulin Baseball Court in 2016 and reorganized the baseball courts in Hsiangshan Senior High School and Dong Yuan Elementary School in 2017. HCCG also plans to establish a standard baseball court in Touqian Riverside Park. Furthermore, HCCG will invest $876 million NT dollars in demolishing and rebuilding Hsinchu Baseball Stadium in 2018.

Ruan Hanyi, the executive secretary of Hsinchu Baseball Committee and the coach of Xi-Men Elementary baseball team, stated that 13 baseball teams will attend TJLLT this year. In order for all elementary baseball teams in Hsinchu City to have a chance to join the tournament, the first round of the qualification was held from Mar. 12 to Mar. 16, and the second round was from Mar. 21 to Mar. 24. Baseball teams came out from the second round will face Seiryu team. Mr. Ruan pointed out that the main purpose of this international tournament is for young baseball players to learn from the failures and enjoy baseball games.

Translated by: Lin Chenhao


Source Authorize:Hsinchu City Government