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Tongpan Basalt



Tongpan Basalt is a Geological Terrain located in Tongpan Island, Penghu County it is also the most magnificent island among basalt poles in Penghu Islands.  Basalt has the lowest level of Viscosity and faster speed in gas exhaust of lava among all kinds of volcano lava hence, it easily forms volcano tableland or mesa.  Penghu is also the only one region who has Basalt mesa.
Name of “Tongpan” originates from shape of basalt resembles with a bucket and a tray upside down.  The lava of volcano will shrink after cooling and then form a state of joints in shape of stony pole such kind of pole type basalt is surrounding with Tongpan Island except the coast of north part, it forms a very particular scene.
On the way you climbing the trail along hillside, you can observe Tongpan Basalt closely the whole picture of resembled hillside is composed of “pole” of Basalt never seen before.  There are many notches and gaps on basalt, hence, looking like they are about to collapse however, in fact, they are standing still there. 
If you watch this whole Tongpan Basalt on the upper layer of walkway, you will find that it really resembles a tableland or mesa.  If you look it afar, it is like a mountain however, the top side is very flat actually Nature is really very mysterious.  Tongpan Pole Basalt constitutes scenes of cliff with poles, and because it is lack of nutritious soil, few plants can live here.  Only cactus which adapts itself to this environment and Tongpan basalt form such a beautiful picture.

Source Authorize :Penghu County Government