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Romantic opening for the 2016 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Taoyuan


Romantic opening for the 2016 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Taoyuan - Mayor Cheng: Hakka culture to be part of our lifestyles marketed as a global event to highlight the multicultural diversity of Taiwan



While attending the opening ceremony for the “2016 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Taoyuan” held at the Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Hall on April 2nd, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan worked together with Director-general Chiang Chieh-An of the Department of Hakka Affairs of Taoyuan City Government to rotate the “Secret Wheel of Tung Blossoms” that symbolized the beginning of the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Taoyuan. Fellow citizens as well as visitors from other counties and cities are welcome to visit the Festival from April 2nd to May 8th to experience, appreciate, and fall in love with Hakka Culture.



Mayor Cheng described that Hakka culture as an important asset to Taoyuan City. Taoyuan City Government is working with various Hakka activities and cultural events to achieve the 4 main objectives of (1) Incorporating Hakka culture in our daily lives; (2) Integrating Hakka elements in our culture; (3) Including Hakka landscapes in urban environments; (4) Marketing Taiwan using elements of Hakka culture. Hakka cultural elements would become a key feature of Taoyuan as well as a symbol of multicultural diversity in Taiwan.



Mayor Cheng assured that the 2016 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival is focused upon maintaining high popularity last year (2015). Popular activities such as the “Tung Blossom Reading and Singing Competition,” “Tung Blossom Walks,” and other art exhibits would be held, while new creative exhibits such as “3D Painting of Tung Blossoms,” “Tung Blossom Picnic,” “Tung Blossom Musical Clock,” and the 50-meter long “Tung Blossom Literature and Prayer Walkway” would be provided to integrate the creative vigor of the younger generation with the depth of Hakka literature, allowing visitors of all ages to experience the dynamic beauty of Hakka culture.


Mayor Cheng also mentioned that Master Su Chia-Hsien who was invited to create the large-scale 3D landscape painting of “Secret Gardens of Tung Blossoms.” The work featured Tung blossoms, pond landscapes, traditional houses, as well as insects and small creatures that children love. Everyone is welcome to visit the Hakka Cultural Hall to witness this amazing work and take photographs with it.


Mayor Cheng mentioned that the Taoyuan City Government made a number of creative designs to Hakka Mascots. A total of 8 creative mascots and figurines were created which featured cultural icons such as Bogong (also known as the Earth God) as well as the masters of Hakka literature Chung Chao-Cheng and Teng Yu-Hsien, allowing people to appreciate the Hakka culture more.


Mayor Cheng also said that the Hakka Cultural Hall will also be exhibiting the “2016 Special Springtime Gallery - The Art of Tung Blossoms” jointly organized by the Hakka Affairs Council and 9 counties and cities of Northern Taiwan during the Tung Blossom Festival. The exhibit included a total of 210 works ranging from traditional Chinese painting, oil paintings, sculptures, to other forms of artwork that provide a definite showcase of works by Hakka artists.


Mayor Cheng then described that the Taoyuan City Government worked with Taoyuan International Airport since March 28th, 2016 to provide “Hakka Dreams” theme-based decorations to welcome returning citizens as well as overseas visitors. A total of 80 hotels and home stay owners also signed up to the program and create Tung Blossom Festival cultural souvenirs for tourists. Design theme of the Taoyuan Airport Access MRT A21 Huanbei Station would also be based upon Tung blossoms in order to integrate Hakka culture as part of the urban environment and the international gateway of Taiwan.


Mayor Cheng also expressed appreciation and gratitude for the dedicated hard work put in by the Department of Hakka Affairs as well as the support provided by the Hakka Affairs Council. Taoyuan City Government shall continue to support the Hakka Tung Blossom Festival so that it becomes an “integral element of our daily lives, city, and international image” and a representative symbol of Hakka culture in Taiwan.


Source Authorize:Taoyuan City Government